About AJP’s Favs (and Disclaimer)

I’m Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda, a college professor, writer, and researcher. I am always finding and saving various articles, images, and videos that I encounter on the Internet. There are so many good ones! I’ve have somewhere near a thousand (or more) of these saved on my computer. Putting these in various “folders” gets very difficult because they frequently touch more than one area I study or teach (and I don’t like the “tag” feature on my Mac).

Thus, AJP’s Favs, my second webpage, launched in December 2015. Hopefully, this website and its tag feature will make housing all of this more manageable and accessible to the public, which is important because of my commitment to digital history and public scholarship. 

That said, all links, images, videos, and/or other information shared on this webpage are simply those I find to be interesting and/or important. “Favorite” to an academic does not necessarily mean “enjoyable.” Posted links do not equate to an endorsement of said author(s), idea(s), blog(s), or any other content(s) that may be connected.

Likewise, ideas or links shared here are not endorsed (or necessarily shared) by any institution, organization, or college/university that Andrew Joseph Pegoda has ever been, is, or will be associated with. This website (and http://andrewpegoda.com) is developed, maintained, and paid for by him alone. While material shared here will be controversial at times, this site places the highest priority on what he feels serves the best educational interests for all who encounter this page.

Original author(s), of course, hold all appropriate copyrights for links, images, videos, and/or other information shared on AJP’s Favs. My ever evolving thoughts and analysis, which are Copyrighted by me, can be found on my main webpage, http://andrewpegoda.com